Reading List

Are you building your project from the ground up? Do you need to brush up on branding? Are you feeling skeptical about social media? Here are some resources to get you started!


David Ogilvy: The Original Don Draper

“Ogilvy On Advertising” remains a seminal text for the field. His work reflects the biases of the time (he’s not getting any points for a progressive worldview.) But his advice on how to make your mark and grab attention is incomparable.


Business of Fashion: Luxury Brands, Deconstructed

BofF takes us behind the scenes of fashion. The site offers daily updates on trends in ecommerce, retail, blogging, and creative direction. Not everyone has a Burberry budget, but we can learn from their integrated approach to customer acquisition and retention.

Design* Sponge: Learning from Business Ladies

D*S offers interiors to die for, but also reveals the people behind them. Their interview series, Business Ladies, profiles independent creatives and designers. It’s a great resource – many of the articles include marketing and management checklists.

Martin Lindstrom: Brandwashing Exposed 

Lindstrom’s “Brandwashed” is actually my favorite ever. Lindstrom details the combination of data analysis and branding companies use to lock customers in. It’s not a beginner book, but it’s written in an engaging style with great examples. Also, you will be terrified of your credit card company.

Technology & Social Media

Beth Kanter: Networking Nonprofits

Kanter writes exclusively for the nonprofit sector. Her blog has shared case studies of online efforts for social change for a decade. Kanter’s numerous books cover strategy, implementation, and measurement of campaigns in a hands-on manner.

Model View Culture: The Tech Bubble, Popped

This collective of writers looks behind the hype of the tech sector. They have up-to-date analysis of the latest scandals, missteps, and exclusionary practices in Silicon Valley (and beyond.) More importantly, they give shine to tech projects advancing a more equitable world.